Aerial Cinematic Production

What works for successful travel & lifestyle content ?

What will blow your audience’s mind? Stunning views, new perspectives, undiscovered landscapes… Any kind of video is better if it is enriched with fantastic aerial shots, the drone adds something magical and amazing to a movie every time.

Our team works for commercials, tourism videos, documentaries or scientific expeditions.
International shootings, latest equipment & high quality filming : we offer cutting-edge drone footage !

Aerial footage in 4k is available for the following countries :

Andorra, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, France (Including Guadeloupe), French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Monaco, Philippines, Spain (Included Menorca), South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, Tanzania.

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A bridge to the sky

Our aerial filming experts live and breathe travel. As experienced filmmakers and highly skilled pilots, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of drone technology to capture the most beautiful shots.

The production will take care of finding the flight authorizations (depending on the location). In addition, for safety and insurance requirements we always operate with a two person crew.

Aerial filming can be stand alone or part of a production


The World From Above

Working with drones makes it possible to provide wonderful video material and to offer a new perspective from the air but above all offers great flexibility: we can be in the air and film at short notice.
The most important thing is to be in the chosen place at the right season with the right lighting conditions :
Fly & Dive has this unique experience in achieving some of the finest aerial travel footage and works with many of the world’s best known producers & broadcasters