Premium Marine Content

“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Underwater cinematography is very demanding, it requires careful preparation, a professional team and flawless execution. We’re by your side throughout the process of acquiring the footage you dream of for your movie or project and design a custom workflow that meets your creative expectations.

From pre-planning, location scouting, logistic, technical requirements, team & equipment, image acquisition to post production and digital grading : our mission is to make your underwater production as smooth as possible and to leave nothing to chance. As the underwater environment can be uncertain and sometimes rough, our company is fully insured to work worldwide.


French Polynesia

A spectacular journey in a unique marine environment. Dive with us in the crystal clear water of the polynesian islands and discover the exceptional beauty of the largest shark santuary in the world.

The Galapagos Islands

The legendary archipelago is one of the seven wonders of the underwater world. Words fail to express all the emotion aroused by this immaculate aquatic paradise. Thousands of species, incredible volcanic seascapes,…Just watch it!

The Red Sea

Colorful coral reefs, huge pinnacles and endemic species immerse you in this magical atmosphere. the red sea is an aquatic poem in which coexist
a myriad of exotic creatures, caves, wrecks and other treasures to explore.

We specialize in premium submarine content to engage

and inspire your audience.

Equipped in 4K and 8K, our production company uses the latest technology to deliver stunning images for your TV documentaries, commercials, Expeditions, NGO projects, government agencies, tourism activities or theater films.

Our content has been featured on Netflix, BBC, NBC and many other major broadcasters.


Get ready for an epic journey underwater

Combining marine experience and an extensive cinematographic expertise, our crew is totally dedicated to capturing powerful imagery for your storytelling. Their knowledge of the marine environment and their commitment to nature has taken them to the best dive sites around the world including Egypt, French Polynesia (Tahiti), Ecuador (Galapagos), …

Underwater cinematography can be stand-alone or part of a production.